Lucia Bar and Grill, Beverley

On Monday evening I was round at my parents for dinner, but with dad running late and my brother still at work, we decided to forget about cooking and go out for a meal. We opted for Lucia’s in Beverley for the main reason of that’s where my brother works and needed picking up from later, and they have always done good food when I visited in the past. They also do very good cocktails, but as designated driver I was on the lemonade.

Lucia’s is a small restaurant and bar just off the main square in Beverley and would be easy to miss- one small arch doorway leading down a bit of an alley before you reach the outside area and adjoining restaurant. Since it was such a warm night, we chose to sit outside but they do thankfully have patio heaters and blankets for when it gets chilly later on. It is small and has a really good cheerful, cosy atmosphere, without feeling like you’re squashed in or overheard. It can get a little noisy with people out for drinks, but quietens down about 9:30 when the younger generations head out for their big night out.

We decided to skip starters and go straight for mains, but with some bread and olives to pass the time while waiting, and the addition of olive and sun-dried tomato bread was a nice touch. I chose the pork belly and chorizo with mashed potato and mustard gravy from the grill section, while the parents had the bacon, chicken and avocado salad and the rump steak skewers. They also do pizza, pasta, and their starters can double up as tapas dishes. My meal may not have been that pretty, but was absolutely amazing- the pork belly was so tender and perfectly cooked and worked very well with the spicy chorizo. The mash was creamy and the mustard gravy just bound everything together- I wiped the plate clean!

Feeling absolutely stuffed yet unable to resist pudding while waiting for my brother to finish his shift, we decided to share a huge slice of toffee and amaretto charlotte, which again was divine- the flavours blended perfectly and was much nicer in my eyes than the traditional apple charlotte. The only downside was that when we asked for the recipe we were told it was bought in rather than made on site, but it was so nice I didn’t mind too much- it’s just a shame we didn’t get the name of where they bought it from as I can’t seem to find a recipe anywhere online! Overall, a very filling and extremely tasty meal for a very reasonable price as they have a 10% loyalty card that you can get for free on their website.


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