Coffee at North Bar, Harrogate 

North Bar in Harrogate is an offshoot of the more famous North Bar in Leeds which has won The Observer Food Monthly’s “Best place to drink in Britain award” and claims to (possibly) be one of the first craft beer bars in Britain. As I’m not a big beer fan, and it was about 2.30pm on a Sunday, we decided to just opt for a hot drink instead of sampling one of the 12 taps on offer.

It was fairly quiet despite the shoppers enjoying the beginning of the half term holidays and was easy to find some comfy chairs, although here are 3 levels for when it gets busy. When compared to some of the more ambitiously priced coffee shops down on Parliament Street, North Bar certainly got the quality and value for money just right. The interior is a bit quirky as you would expect fot a craft beer place, but still feels cosy and warm for an coffee shop during the day. We only ordered a cappuccino and hot chocolate as we’d already had lunch before coming out, but they do a small menu of breakfast and lunch dishes, as well as as really tasty looking cake selection.

The boyfriend certainly rated his cappuccino highly, slurping it down quickly and without sugar, a sure sign of a good coffee. My hot chocolate came with extra cream and mini marshmallows which was pretty good but the hot chocolate itself was something else. From the first sip it was obviously made with proper dark chocolate and tasted just like an actual bar of chocolate and oh so indulgent… I’ve missed finding a proper hot chocolate since Heaven Cafe closed down a year or so ago, but now know where I’ll be returning to in future for my naughty sugar fix! 

I do think it’s important to support local independent cafes as far too many close down these days, so we will be returning to North Bar to sample the food and even the beer in the near future so keep an eye out for the sequel post…


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