Yo Sushi, York 

Image result for yo sushi yorkThe first few weeks back at school are always hard, so when our department suggested an evening out to Yo!Sushi in York, we all jumped at the chance! This was made even more appealing by the extension of their Blue Monday offer into the Yo!Festival running from the 5th – 23rd September, where 46 of their favourite dishes are on the blue plate price of £2.80 each! There’s also an offer on Sundays giving you 10 dishes and unlimited miso soup for £20 so there’s really no reason not to go.

Image result for yo sushi yorkAshamedly, I have never been to a Yo!Sushi even though they have been around for years, and we sometimes make sushi at home. The set up is easy enough to get quickly. There is a conveyor belt of little plates that go round past each table and you just pick what you want. Each plate is coloured, and the colours depend on the price. You are also given a menu so any hot dishes or even cold ones you can’t see on the conveyor can be ordered via a little button which brings a waiter over. Each table has still or fizzy water taps for unlimited refills for £1.20 or unlimited green tea for a similar price, or you can order drinks normally. At the end, the waiter simply counts up how many plates of each colour you have and works out the bill.

Image result for yo sushi gyozaI went for a few classic dishes on the recommendation of friends- the Chicken Katsu and the Duck Gyoza from the hot menu (also I just enjoyed pressing the button!) plus the Yo Rolls, Hot beef sushi, Beef Tatzki and the Raman Noodle Salad. I have to say that the Gyoza were my absolute favourite with their crunchy outside and soft tasty filling and I’m now desperately looking for a recipe to try out for myself!

Image result for yo sushi chocolate mochiFor dessert I opted for the chocolate mochi were little balls of chocolatey deliciousness! They are basically chocolate ganache encased in some kind of rice jelly (nicer than I sounds I promise!) and coated in cocoa flour- I could have eaten several plates of them! They also have a limited time ice cream mochi which looked equally amazing if I wasn’t so full…. next time!

I totally have been missing out with Yo!Sushi and since a new branch has opened in Harrogate, I think I will be returning in the very near future with the boyfriend in tow.


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