Whitby Whale Watching 

The boyfriend’s birthday present this year was to go on a whale watching trip with Whitby Whale Watching for the afternoon. As animal lovers, we felt we had done the few animal experiences around Harrogate  (Nidderdale Llamas and Thirsk Bird of Prey Centre) and so headed further afield. I had no idea there would be whales in Yorkshire but apparently during August and September minke, humpback and even possible killer whales come to North Yorkshire to feed on the herring shoals found here!

We set off on the Summer Queen from the harbour for our four hour trip (they do morning and afternoon outings) in the sunshine but quickly found we needed jumpers and waterproofs to stop the cold spray reaching us! I would recommend booking as there seemed to be limited places. Although a bit expensive at £40 each it is definitely worth it for such a unique and exciting experience!

Within about 40 minutes we spotted our first whale, much to everyone’s excitement and awe. All the whales we saw were minkes but they were still impressively big yet graceful as the surfaced 4 or 5 times before diving again. After that we saw them fairly regularly, with the boat following the radar for the fish and trailing ones we had already found. Hot drinks were also on offer for £1 but many people had brought flasks and picnics to keep themselves fueled. There were kids and dedicated whale enthusiasts alike on board so it really can be a trip for the whole family and made it a little more exciting for the rest of us!

After 4 hours of excitement and eye strain we headed back into whitby harbour in the evening sunshine where I managed to get some beautiful shots of the shoreline, unlike my hurried and slightly fuzzy whale pictures. We had an amazing time and would recommend this without hesitation to anyone! Just do it!


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