Stuzzi, Harrogate 

It was the boyfriend’s birthday last weekend and we decided to celebrate at Stuzzi in Harrogate. We had been once before for a drink outside after a meal somewhere else but after reading several rave reviews of the restaurant, I had to give it a try.

Stuzzi is an Italian restaurant that works on the idea of stuzzichini which is like the Italian version of tapas with lots of small plates designed to be shared. Everything is made fresh on the day depending on the ingredients delivered, so the menu is constantly changing which gives you a huge variety of flavours from different areas of Italy, but also unfortunately means you can’t have a favourite to always return to!

We had a vegetarian and a lactose intolerant in our group and the staff were so helpful with checking what was suitable, as well as recommending a good wine “with a bit of ooomph”- the midle one from Puglia. They also explained each dish- where it came from and the ingredients used which was a really nice touch to have such knowledgeable staff on hand.

We started with the antipasti platter to share as there was something for everyone- the spicy salami was delicious and the turnip tops fried in butter an unexpected bonus.

We then moved onto the stuzzi, ordering 7 between 5 of us, plus an Italian cheese platter to finish with. Although the plates are small they are very tasty and suprisingly filling so don’t panic when they appear- we found ordering one each then sharing, and then ordering more when we wanted worked well.

Unfortunately the menu will have no doubt changed by now, here’s a quick run down of what we had:

  • Roast belly pork on crushed garlic and rosemary cannollini beans (amazing!!)
  • Sardine and saffron tagliatelle with raisins and pine nuts
  • Pickled sea trout with fennel, radish and orange
  • Aubergine and ricotta croquettes
  • Tomato bruschetta
  • Bronze di linguine with fresh pesto
  • Fried seafood selection- king prawns, squid and sardines with lemon and garlic aoili.

The 5 cheese selection I cannot remember the names of but there was an incredibly creamy mozzarella, one a bit like parmigiano reggiano which was great with honey, another hard cheese that went really well with the spicy chutney, and a very strong blue cheese soaked in red wine and berries which I could have eaten whole blocks of! (the 5th one has completely escaped me….)

Stuzzi also operate as an Italian deli during the day and you can buy many of the staple ingredients used plus fresh baked bread and pastries. I would recommend booking in advance as it was very busy on a Saturday night, and I’ve heard most nights and lunches too! The whole meal for 5 people and a bottle of wine (it was so nice you only really sip it rather than knock it back like a cheap bottle of plonk) came to about £20 each which is very good value for such a nice dinner and amazing service!

All the photos are from their Facebook page as I took none of my own- I was enjoying it too much to get the phone out! 


8 thoughts on “Stuzzi, Harrogate 

  1. This makes me gutted I’m no longer in Yorkshire, it looks like such a nice place! I’ll have to make a trip there when I next get the chance to return to northern England 🙂


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