A Rainy Day Out in Blackpool 

Every few months or so, my group of university friends and I have a big day or weekend out somewhere in England. It’s a fab excuse for a catch up gossip, trying out some very daft activities and gorging on wine, pizza and cake! This time, we decided to go to Blackpool for a day to enjoy the great British summer- and like the best of British summertime at the beach, it absolutely chucked it down with rain! 

After finding a warm coffee shop inside the main shopping centre, we made a beeline to Mr Sims Olde Sweet Shop. Honestly this place felt like entering the Wonka factory with pretty much every sweet thing you can think of! The pick and mix selection was amazing, and we even manged to plan for Nicole’s wedding reception meal made entirely of sweets! 

I have to admit that food is the main focus of our reunions and so our next stop was Harry Ramsden’s fish and chip restaurant- we had planned on chips on the beach but the rain drove us inside. After a short wait we were seated and served huge portions with inclusive bread and butter, and Yorkshire tea! Clearly they knew the good stuff! At around  £13 per person this was pretty good value for a really tasty and filling lunch.

Thankfully by this point the rain had eased to a drizzle so we wandered around the sea front, taking our photos of the iconic Blackpool Tower, buying several sticks of rock and playing the arcade games on the pier. We had just enough time to run around on the beach getting silly photos and very wet feet before having to head home.

So despite the bad weather  (it has since been warm and sunny every day since!) we found you can still have a fun day out at the British seaside with friends, as long as you remember your coat!


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