The Yorkshire Soap Company 

Knaresborough has recently seen the arrival of a shiny new pink branch of the Yorkshire Soap Company and last weekend I manged to nip in for a quick look around.

Firstly the shop is very pretty and quirky on the inside (there’s an unexplained lizard on the wall) and the staff were so enthusiastic and eager to show me different products once I’d figured out what kind of fragrance I liked.

All of the soaps are handmade and most of them are shaped like very cute cupcakes and cake slices which do look and smell almost good enough to eat, like the cherry bakewell or the vanilla frosting ones! They also do candles, bath bombs and general bathroom products,  and even have some specifically for men which is good to see. 

Unfortunately we only have a shower which hugely limits what I can use but I will definitely be back but for myself and for cute birthday presents for friends. It also helps that they are all pretty good prices especially when compared to similar chain stores like Lush. I always think it’s good to support local businesses and this is one I can fully get behind!


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