Top 3 Tavernas in Mandria 

There are several restaurants in Mandria, 3 traditional tavernas, a fish and chip restaurant and a Chinese and Indian restaurant. We felt that it would be silly to eat English food we could get at home while on holiday so stuck to the 3 more traditional tavernas. Here’s what we thought of each:

1. Kentpoikon 

By far our favourite, we ate here almost every night. It’s a family run business and all of the staff are so friendly and welcoming. While they do have some English dishes available, we tried nearly all of their Cypriot ones- halloumi and fig salad, moussaka, kleftiko, stifado, lamb meatballs, pork kebabs and sheftalia pittas. Every portion is enormous and all reasonably priced, from around €5 for a pitta to €10 for the kleftiko. All their ingredients are locally sourced and delivered fresh daily. Their cocktails are also amazing- €4 each and just enough kick of alcohol to them for a pleasant buzz in the evening sun! They also do delicious desserts- we tried their waffle with chocolate and icecream. Their breakfast sandwich is also perfect for setting you up for a big day sightseeing. Absolutely 5* review!

2. Klimataria 

We ate here twice, trying out pizza, a lamb burger and a village salad. All these meals were tasty and again were very filling portions, but unfortunately he pizza base was a little soggy and the service was not quite as friendly as Kentpoikon. Also, it was slightly more expensive. All of these things are little niggles and wouldn’t prevent me from eating there again, but I would give it a decent 4* review.

3. Maria’s Taverna

We only ate here once- having a village salad with chips and a halloumi, lountza and spicy sausage pitta. The pitta was huge and very tasty but the salad was a little disappointing and there wasn’t  really any other choice for a vegetarian. A decent enough meal at a very good price, but being a bit off the main road meant it was very quiet and maybe because of this the menu was smaller. Still a solid 4* though.


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