Tomb of the Kings, Paphos 

Our final place to explore while in the Paphos area was the Tomb of the Kings. It is not actually the burial place of royalty but rather a large necropolis for wealthy Romans from around the 3rd century BC. It is now a UNESCO world heritage site, excavated and under the care of the Cypriot Department of Antiquities.

You can easily reach it by the 615 bus to Coral Bay but there’s no big sign announcing that your at the right bus stop- thankfully the boyfriend can read a bit of Greek enough to read the writing on the bus stop sign. It is a very reasonable €2.50 pet adult to enter, and I have to say that they couldn’t really charge much more after out visit.

Don’t get me wrong, the tombs are fascinating and we spent an hour walking around exploring them. There are 9 main tombs that have information boards plus many more small ones dotted around. As with many European sites, these boards don’t have much information on them, just a description of the layout of the tomb and nothing about the people or objects that were once inside.

Tomb 3
The best tomb was by far number 3, with a large atrium and adjoining rooms. Tomb 6 was also notable for the small section of fresco you can spot behind modern gates to keep people from touching. This was the only area that was off limits- you could  climb and touch everything else, but considering these were the final resting places of real people I felt a little odd about clamboring all over and taking selfies like some of the tourists. 

Tomb 6 with a tiny bit of fresco above the alcove

Overall, it was a good way to spend a couple of hours but it was VERY hot even underground in the tombs so be sure to take plenty of water and wear sensible shoes as it is quite uneven in many places.


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