Discover Scuba Diving with Dive Point Cyprus 

I have always wanted to try scuba diving but never been tempted to try it in our cold English waters and family holidays to France weren’t quite right either. Seeing how many dive companies there are in Paphos I knew I had my opportunity. We emailed a few companies but one was fully booked and another never replied, so by default we ended up with Dive Point Cyprus which was actually a really good thing!

We booked onto the Discover Scuba Diving course for €60 each but they also have children’s and PADI certificate courses. We were picked up from the bus station by Ray who owns the company and was very friendly and funny and answered all of our initial questions.

Along with one other couple, we were under the care of instructors Carol and Curtis, both of which were fantastic. They only dive with ratios of 1:2 so you feel properly looked after- we were even offered tea and biscuits! It started with Carol explaining the basics of scuba diving with a short quiz to check we had listened before being kitted out.

We headed into the pool to learn a few basic skills we would need and just to get used to breathing using the mouthpiece. This I found the hardest as I struggled to only breathe through my mouth- it turns out breathing through your nose even a tiny bit just lets water into your mask! You can pull out at this point at no charge if you really don’t like it, but I was rearing to go into the sea!

Although we only went to the bay area outside St George Hotel it felt huge and was really pretty. We saw loads of different fish- rainbow and ornate rass, flounders and bream to name a few. We also found the home of an octopus with stones piled up in fron of his hole but he didn’t come out. It was beautiful underwater and you quickly forgot about the people swimming above you. 

I absolutely loved the experience and am now looking into doing the PADI course and learning to scuba dive properly. I would 100% recommend Dive Point as they were so friendly and professional, and made you feel fully at ease. 


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