Petra tou Romiou, Paphos 

After spending the morning in Kouklia we decided to head to the famous Petra tou Romiou- also known as Aphrodite’s Rocks as this is the supposed location where the goddess Aphroditi waded to shore after being born from the sea in a clam shell, created from the chopped off testicles of her father which dropped into the Mediterranean Sea… I do love a good Greek myth!

Unfortunately we had timed the buses wrong and we’re faced with a 2 hour wait in Kouklia as nothing seems to run between 11-2! We opted to get a cab which was a complete rip off at €20 for about 8km but had little choice. I would recommend getting the bus to Petra tou Romiou after lunch,  staying for around an hour and then going to Kouklia on the way back but experience teaches us lots of things we wish we knew beforehand! 

To be honest, there’s not a lot here apart from the rock and some very nice views. The beach is very rocky and so not great for sunbathing comfortably and there is little shade from the sun. The sea to the left of the rock is calmer but still you can feel the strong current under the waves and so is only really for the strongest of swimmers to do much more than paddle up to the waist or so. 

Still, it is a pretty place that is on the direct 631 bus route from Paphos so easy for a trip out bit unfortunately everyone else has the same idea so it is very busy.


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