Cycling in Peschiera del Garda 

This morning was my last in Italy as I had to catch the airport bus after lunch so I only had a few hours to fill with one last exciting activity as I didn’t just fancy hanging around the hostel.

I rented a bike from a nearby shop for two hours (€7) and headed out to the lake. It turns out that you can’t go past the beach by cycle on the pictureseque western shore so I had to backtrack and try the eastern side. Although this was more touristy with loads of campsites it was still a good ride. The tracks were easy and fairly smooth but you did have to watch out for pedestrians everywhere!

I just headed in a straight line and ended up at Nautical Casarola Marina- there was a bridge there where you had to carry your bike up the stairs so I decided this was the sign to turn around as I’d hit nearly of my time anyway. This was about 6km from Peschiera and at a leisurely pace stopping to take photos took me about 30 minutes. The views were amazing along the lake and I stopped off for a drink and a snack at a little pier under some sheltered huts. 

I got back to Peschiera with about 30 minutes left on the clock so decided to head out in the opposite direction and along the river which again had easy cycling routes to follow. I didn’t get very far in 15 minutes obviously, but this would definitely be a route I would try again if I had more time and looks like a nice long one on the map to other towns and villages along the river.

If you are interested in cycling in the area (and you should be!) the tourism office provides maps with several cycle routes clearly marked on and the shop where I rented my bike from would do a whole day for around €15 so it couldn’t be easier. It was so much fun and a really good way to end my time in Italy- I’m already making plans to come back next year! 


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