A day trip to Verona 

Verona is only 15 minutes on the train from Peschiera del Garda and so I decided to take advantage of this and take a day trip. It was about a 15 minute walk from Puerto Nuevo Station to the town centre. You can get a 24hr Verona Card that gives you free entry to most of the museums in the city, but I was on a budget so just had a self guided walking tour (although you can also get guides in several languages).

The first thing you see as you enter is the Roman ampitheatre built a few decades before the Colusseum in Rome.It costs € 10 to enter which to be honest isn’t really worth it – you get access to the main area but it is full of chairs for the opera festival, and a small section of the ringed walkway- I kind of hoped there would be more for this price.

I then headed to the famous Juliet’s balcony which was teaming with tourists trying to take photos. While pretty, it was only a quick stop as I didn’t see the need to pay to enter the supposed house of a fictional charecter! 

Next stop was the Torre dei Lamberti which was very impressive- you can pay to climb the tower or enter the modern art gallery inside. Close by was the Arche Scaligeri which is a couple of very ornate, gothic tombs . I then walked back through to Piazza della Elbe which was pretty and had a market selling fruit and drinks to cool you down. 

Walking out of the city a little, I found the Duomo of Verona which was really lovely but be aware that the opening times are restricted if you want to enter.

Following the winding streets, I crossed the Ponte Pietra which had some stunning views of the city over the river. Just on the other side was the Teatro Romano which is again €6 to enter or free to peek though the bars. Both the ampitheatre and Teatro hold open air opera and shows throughout the summer so if you’re in Verona in the evening this would probably be the best way to see these sites as well as getting a bit of cultural entertainment.

Finally, I ended up at the Castelveccio di Scaligero which is a medieval castle on the river. You can pay to enter the castle and the museum, or just walk through the courtyard and onto the adjoining Ponte Scaligero which again has some good views of the city. 

You really could spend a whole day or two in Verona if you wanted to enter and explore all of the sites properly. I spent about 4 hous walking around and felt that I had seen all of the main things and even had time for a picnic and gelato! 


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