Peschiera del Garda 

I arrived in this beautiful lakeside town in the late afternoon and after checking in at Ostello Meet Lake Garda (see review here), I headed out to see what the town had to offer. It had been a military barracks and you can still see the walls and towers that surround the town which is fab for a history geek like me!

Firstly, this place is an absolute maze of small winding streets! I ended up wandering in circles but it was lovely and full of small shops, restaurants and countless gelato shops, of which I had to sample! I chose the stracciatella as i never see it in England, which is vanilla with dark chocolate shavings in it and so good on a hot afternoon! 

I then headed out of town a bit to the beach which is mostly pebbles but a good spot to sunbathe. A swim in the lake was pleasantly cool but not cold, and there were lifeguards which made you feel safer…. although they are quite flirty! You can also hire differnt boats, canoes and pedalos from around the beach and harbour, depending on your budget, so this will be something I might try out before I leave.

While only being a small town, the views of the lake and the mountains as a backdrop are stunning, so here’s just a few photos that don’t even do it justice! I’ve totally fallen in love with Italy….


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