Milan Day 3

My final morning in Milan was a bit off the beaten track and it was quite refreshing to be away from the heaving crowds! 

After a tip off on Facebook from an old school friend who did a year abroad Milan, I headed out on the metro to the Navigli District to walk along the Navigli Grande canal in the morning sunshine. While pretty, it was clear that this is the place to be in the evening as it’s lined with bars and restaurants but it was nice to just have a wander around and look at the picturesque buildings for half an hour.

I returned to the town centre to try and find a post box to send the obligatory postcards when I stumbled across the site of the old imperial palace. Emperor Maximianus briefly moved the imperial capital to Milan in 286AD and although there’s not much of it left, I certainly learnt something new and had a nice surprise.

My journey to Milano Centrale to catch the next train to Peschiera del Garda had a little detour to get lunch. Getting off the metro at Pialo, I walked to Mr. Panozzo’s as it had such good reviews on TripAdvisor. Panozzos are like panninis but made with pizza dough and are very very tasty! I had the Il Maialino (the piglet) which was mozzarella, scamorza and porchetta. They even gave me a small slice of pizza while I waited! For €5 this was a filling lunch- so much so that I only managed half of it and will save the rest for later!

I’m currently on the train to the last leg of my journey- Peschiera del Garda for a bit of relaxation and fresh air so watch this space! 


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