Hostel Colours, Milan

I’m staying for two nights in Milan at Hostel Colours, which is a 5 minute walked from Lambrate metro station down a quiet residential street. 

The check in was nice and easy- the guy on the desk spoke very good English and we had a nice chat about things to do in Milan. Although advertised on as being €50.50 for two nights in a 4 bed female dorm, I had to pay several extras. €2 city tax per night, €2 towards the air con (not complaining about that though as it’s so hot!) and €5 for a key deposit that I’ll get back when I check out. Thankfully I have my own lock for my locker so didn’t have to buy that as well.

The room is a decent size and you reserve your bed with a little tag so people don’t move you! Instead of communal wash rooms like in other hostels, we have an en suite to share between the 4 of us. You are given sheets to make your own bed and a blanket if you need one, although the pillow is quite flat so I’ve topped it up with my travel pillow. There’s also a small table and chairs if you want to do a bit of planning before heading out!

Breakfast is small but tasty- a selection of bread and jam, plus Italian pastries and hot drinks. There’s also a kitchen with toaster, hob, and fridge so you can self cater if you want- they even provide free pasta for your dinner! 

The communal area is also good- there’s sofas, a computer, TV, books and games like table football so you can chill or hang out with other travellers- everyone I’ve seen has been quite young so far so it’s a good atmosphere- I even met some of them while wondering around today and I was nice to say hello to a friendly face. 


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