Forts de l’Esseillon – Day 7 and 8

The new working week saw a return to the fort and removing the stones and rubble from the batteries basses. It is a little boring as at least with archaeology you can get excited about finding things but here everything goes in the big rubbish bags, even the pottery I’ve found. I got absolutely filthy sat in the mud as it rained overnight but we kept our spirits up by signing very out of tune song! 

As we had so many new people we decided to return to the waterfall and make the most of the sunshine. I still wasn’t brave enough to swim but just sat chatting and sunbathing in the pretty surroundings.

In the evening we decided to head out to the derelict Fort Charles Felix with a huge pile of blankets and a box of wine to watch the stars and see the view over Modane which was beautiful and a great way to spend the evening in a slightly different way.

Tuesday I was back on the pulleys and enjoying the sunshine at the Fort, and carting wheelbarrows of rubble around trying to clear out a new section of the batteries basses. We returned to Aussois this afternoon to get a bit of shopping and see the local miellurie exract the honey. I was a complete tourist and got a new badge for my bag ready to sew on when I get home and remind me of my time here! 

We’ve only got 3 days left before I leave and it’s going so fast, so going to try and make the best of the remaining time, so keep an eye out for my next posts!


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