Forts de l’Esseillon – Day 5 and 6

Despite it being the weekend, we still work on a Saturday  (we do get afternoons off to be fair). Saturday saw me return to the pulleys that had been so difficult on Tuesday, but this time there were more people so the work was more shared out and not quite so tiring! Saying this, I ended up falling asleep in the afternoon while reading and sheltering from the rain. The evening saw a little too much to drink and dancing around the kitchen like a crazy person as we let our hair down for the weekend!

Sunday gave us a lie in which was so appreciated after such a tiring week! We then packed up a picnic and headed out for a hike in the mountains. There was an offroad cycle race on at the same time so we had to keep changing our route to keep out of their way! A few of the girls I’ve made friends with clearly weren’t used to walking up such steep hills and gave up after about an hour and headed back but I continued on to a pretty village called Bramans where we had our picnic near the river. 

A storm was staring up in the distance so we decided to head back to Aussois rather than our original route. Thankfully the rain didn’t hit us so we had a drink outside in a bar in the central square before heading back. It’s been a tiring day and need an early night ready for work again tomorrow! 


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