Forts de l’Esseillon- Day 3 and 4

Bonjour from France again! Thursday has been a busy day again at Fort Victor Emmanuel as I joined the equipe mason laying the cement in the battery to create a water drainage channel. Thankfully this more complicated task was explained in English to the international volunteers so I at least knew a bit more what was going on, rather than only understanding half the words and hoping for the best! 

The afternoon saw three friends and I take a walk down to the Pont de Diable which crossed the huge and very steep valley that the fort is built on the edge of. The views were amazing and we even spotted some adventurous people climbing up the rock face on the Via Ferrata and zip wiring across the valley! 

We then discovered another of the 5 Forts de L’Esseillon- Fort Marie Therese (they’re all named after the family of the local power man who built them). It was a lot smaller but pretty, and you could see how it was designed to protect Fort Victor Emmanuel too. 

Friday unfortunately saw the heavens open and the rain begin so I was thankful to be working under a bit of shelter, excavating the rubble to send up to the pulleys. Although a little mind numbing with the amount of rocks we had to pull out, this will enable the team to continue the water channel through the battery and keep the rain from flooding the place!

Once the rain stopped in the late afternoon, a couple of us decided to walk up to the pretty village of Aussois to have a look around and get some postcards. On the way we discovered the other 3 forts that make up the Forts de l’Esseillon chain (Charles Felix, Charles Albert and Marie Christine) which was nice to see. The village itself was very picturesque and full of trinket shops for the tourists, which I managed to resist. Thankfully it only started raining again just as we got back, so tonight the campfire will be replaced by card games inside with our little Franglais gang. 


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