Setting off on another adventure! 

So I’m off for another trip in Europe, this time to Switzerland, France and then Italy. Some of you might remember my archaeology adventure blog series last year, and this is similar- I’ll be doing 10 days of castle restoration in the French Alps, with a bit of sightseeing each side. Again this was organised through the National Trust working holidays who put me in contact with Rempart, a conservation organisation that operates all over Europe, but I am going to the Forts de l’Esseillon near Modane.

It’s required quite a bit of packing and organising as I’ve had to book two seperate flights as I’m going out to Geneva but coming back from Milan Bergamo, and then I’ve had to sort out all of the hostels and trains between places- Geneva, Modane, Milan, Menaggio in the Italian Lakes and then back to Milan! Phew! Luckily the train to Manchester Airport goes straight into the airport itself and there’s only one change in Leeds for me, so at least that has been easy so far.

I’ll keep you updated with all of my adventures,  but for now I’ve got to go through the joys of airport check in and desperately remember my A Level French… A bientot!


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