An Afternoon in Whitstable

I love impromptu days out, and yesterday we took one look at the sunshine and jumped in the car to find the nearest beach- which turned out to be Whitstable. Although from the car park it looked a little grim, this was because it is still a working harbour and has all of the machinery and warehouses that go with it.Once you get past this onto the sea front, it’s much prettier.

First stop was to find some lunch, and it had to be fresh caught fish and chips. Whitstable is famous for its oysters which I was dying to try, but in the last few years I’ve become very intolerant to shellfish so sadly had to give them a miss. We went to the first place we could find on the sea front, a wooden shack called ‘The Forge’ which had an oyster and lobster section if you were interested but also a good old fashioned fish and chip shop. Although I still personally prefer Yorkshire fish and chips (best from Whitby) this was still a very good offering smothered in salt and vinegar on a picnic bench just off the beach with the sea wind in my hair.

Far too full of chips, we headed down to the beach for a paddle in the sea (actually not too cold!) and a relaxing lounge in the sand admiring the views over the bay. Unfortunately, it’s not a particularly sandy beach, more shingles, so sandcastles were out of the question. Instead, we nipped into town to get some kites as the wind was really picking up. I had so much fun being a kid again and trying to get higher than the boyfriend’s one- this actually made my day!

Whitstable may be small but it is a perfect spot for a long afternoon on the beach eating fresh seafood, being a kid and obviously getting an ice cream before heading home with your shoes full of sand.


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