Honey Bees at Hannah’s, Knaresborough 

After a few friends came over last weekend to celebrate my birthday, we headed into Knaresborough to get some fresh air and brunch to make us feel a bit more alive after a night on the town! My friends had never been to Knaresborough before and were suitable impressed by the stunning scenery by the river and the pretty town, but after walking from Starbeck and climbing up the steep steps to the Castle and Bebra Gardens, it was time for brunch!

13537549_10154416123578534_1907136590205375221_nWe spotted Honey Bee’s at Hannah’s and knew this was the place for us as it just looked so cute and cosy, and the menu looked amazing! The service was quick and nothing was too much for our waitress (who I presume was Hannah herself).

13528870_10154416123593534_5611133224133013921_nI ordered the Brunch stack, but our group also tried the Veggie Stack and the Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon on Toast options. The food was quick and amazing- proper bacon and black pudding with a beautifully poached egg, all on top of some of the best bubble and squeak I have had recently. Hannah herself is veggie, and so the veggie options have been really well thought out too which was good to see, as the boyfriend is also veggie. The tea came in very generous pot and very cute, dainty tea cups which I loved.

This little café could be easily walked past without entering as it is off the main square of Knaresborough, but it will now be one of my go-to places as we were too full to try the delicious looking homemade cakes on this occasion!



2 thoughts on “Honey Bees at Hannah’s, Knaresborough 

    1. You should, it’s so nice to find somewhere owned by a vegetarian who understands and adapts things so they are still yummy just happen to be meat free, rather than what’s left of a meal when you take out the meat. Even as a meat eater it looked good to me!

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