Hornsea Sailing Club 

My brother has been sailing for years now, but this Father’s Day saw my first attempt at sailing at Hornsea Mere. And being my dad, he decided to teach me how to sail while taking part in a race! Thankfully, the annual club BBQ afterwards made up for it.

1f047263d5d6Actually it wasn’t too bad- I didn’t get wet and fall in, and only knocked my head on the boom a couple of times! It mainly consisted of pulling one of two ropes in front of me and swapping sides a lot to try and balance out the boat so it didn’t tip over too much. Unfortunately, there isn’t a seat in the middle so I had a very sore bum by the end of it all We came last (not unsurprisingly) but only by a few metres which I think was pretty good!

sailingHornsea Sailing Club offers Open Day events where adults and children can have a go at sailing, and they also have a Pirates Scheme during the summer holidays for children to learn on their small dingy sailing boats which is pretty cool. My brother got into it by just asking and going on a Sunday morning to help crew for some of the more experienced members and learnt from them before getting his own boat for Christmas. You don’t have to enter the races, but just make sure someone is there to drive the safety boat and you could in theory go any day, any time.

I would recommend giving it a go if you are in the area. Hornsea Mere itself is a lovely place to walk around any way- separately run to the Sailing Club but just next to it,there’s a little café and gift shop, swings in the summer for kids, and row boats for hire. It’s also only a 10 minute walk from the beach and the chip shop, so a good day out for all 🙂


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