Weekend Walk #4-Lofthouse to Scar House Resevoir

imageThis was unfortunately our first unfinished walk as we simply set out too late and I mis-calculated the pace the boyfriend was walking at after getting blisters early on! Despite this, we will definitely be heading back at some point to complete it and update this post…. watch this space!

imageParking at the car park in Lofthouse, just past the pub and headed through the village to the Nidderdale Way. Don’t get tempted to head out on the Nidderdale way path that heads out of the car park or the one that goes up a little ally in the middle of the village- you need to leave Lofthouse and just before the road curves up the hill sharply to your right there is a path straight ahead into some woods. The woods were filled with lovely little rabbits, but it did make finding somewhere to sit for our picnic a little trickier!

imageWe then followed the Nidderdale Way along the edge of the river Nidd and soon came to a farm which we passed through, followed by a very steep hill- decide if you want to race up it like me and get it over and done with, or take it slow and stead like the boyfriend. There were also a couple of small river crossings along this stretch and a lovely bluebell wood.

imageWe then headed along the valley which had some stunning views over the fields with more gentle hills and cute little lambs. We could see the Scar Houses Reservoir  in the distance but it seemed to take forever to get any close to it! At the second big hill, which is as best I can describe it in the wiggley hoop marked with the arrow on the map at the bottom of this page, the boyfriend declared he had had enough and since it was about 4pm already, we decided to turn around and head back.

imageThe onward route we had planned took us over the reservoir and then following the Nidderdale Way back towards Middlesmoor and then back to Lofthouse.

We used the OS Explorer Map 298 of Nidderdale- it took us about 3.5 hours including lunch, but this was at a quite slow pace! Fitbit declared it to be about 16,000 steps and 120 flights of stairs due to all the hill climbing!




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