Weekend Walk #3- Pately Bridge

Armed with a new map, we decided to head out into Nidderdale to Pately Bridge last weekend, which I have only visited briefly before and thought it would be a good place to explore further. We parked in the large car park near the cricket ground, which cost us £1.80 for 4+ hours which is pretty good value.

imageWe headed out down the side of the river through the park, across a field and then over the road. It then followed it around through some caravan parks. The map made it look like there would only be 2 small caravan sites, but they seemed to be endless and unfortunately did spoil the scenery a little for about a mile, although their toilet block did prove useful! We stopped for lunch as soon as we got past them and into the real countryside, which was much more pleasant!

imageWe quickly hit the Nidderdale Way which was a broad, flat and easy to follow path that you don’t really need the map for. There were some beautiful views over the dales with the sun shining down.

imageThe next section got us a little lost! We crossed the bridge near the old mines and headed up the hill but it wasn’t particularly well signposted, especially since the Nidderdale Way is such a  major path. We ended up walking back down the other side of the river that he had come up instead of heading up the hills, so quickly turned around and followed the meandering path past the ‘private property’ sign we had somehow missed (oops!) and back onto the right way. There was a bit of a climb at this point, but some really lovely views once you got to the top.

imageThe Nidderdale way leads you over the top of the hills and then down back towards Pately Bridge, but at the end goes onto a road for the last bit, so we took a smaller path through a sheep field to get back to Pately. It was lovely seeing the little lambs and they were no problem at all. Finishing the walk off with an ice cream from the van in the park was defiantly the best idea before driving home.

We used the Nidderdale OS Explorer Map 298 and the walk took us about 3 hours including time for lunch. Fittbit awarded me my 100 stairs badge from all the hill climbing, and reckoned about 16,000 steps.pately map.jpg


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