China Palace, Brandesburton

China Palace is officially my favourite place to eat, ever. I cannot even begin to tell you how good the food is, and how fab the owner Danny, his dad and Chef Jimmy and the team are. I have been going to this restaurant for as long as I can remember, and every single time it has been perfect. Due to the fact that I’ve been so many times, this will be a run down of their best dishes and an overall review, rather than just one visit.

As you enter you are shown to small tables to wait and make your choice from the extensive menu. Danny and the bar team are great her- they take your coat, take drinks orders (and memorise them for every time you return) and give you tips on what to order from the menu. You are then taken through to the main restaurant when your table is ready to nibble on prawn crackers and wait for the starters. Don’t be fooled if the restaurant is a bit empty like it often is- it’s not down to them being unpopular at all, but having a spacious dining room and an amazing takeaway next door that the locals often prefer for ease! For a small village with another restaurant and two food-serving pubs, there are always a few families in and it makes you feel like you’re really being looked after by the staff who have the time to focus on you.

My personal favourite is the duck pancakes- they have the perfect combination of soft silky pancakes, succulent and crispy duck and tangy plum sauce. This one really does make a special occasion feel special, but if you’re after something smaller I would recommend the Salt and Pepper king prawns or chicken wings which come served with lashings of chilli and garlic too, and are just heavenly finger food! I am also reliably informed by the boyfriend that their tofu in Peking sauce really hits the spot for vegetarians!

The mains are the tricky part as there is such a huge amount to choose from but it is all good- and I have tried most of the dishes over the years! I can particularly recommend the duck in soy sauce with a hint of orange, anything in the Satay sauce as it’s the best I’ve ever had, and the crispy beef in OK sauce which is sweet and crunchy and spicy and oh so good! Trust me, none of my family or friends have ever had a bad word to say about the food, and it all comes in generously sized portions that they are more than happy to box up for you if you can’t finish it all. We usually order one main each but then share as we just can’t resist trying what somebody else has got!

The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, as it’s never too busy and the music playing in the background is exactly that- background music you can enjoy while eating but it won’t take over your conversations. If like us you are regulars, you get to know the staff well and they look after you properly- we’ve had drinks on the house, birthday ice cream sundaes and flowers for my mum’s 50th birthday, which all goes to show how good they are!

I really cannot do this place justice in a written review, so if you’re ever in East Yorkshire make sure you drop by and sample the best Chinese food Yorkshire can offer!


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