Nidderdale Llamas

As an end of term treat, we decided to visit Nidderdale Llamas to cheer us up, and well because you can spend a morning with llamas who are hilarious!! We booked the Scenic Farm Trek with one llama shared between the two of us.

imageWhen you arrive you are shown into the barn and are allowed to meet the llamas and alpacas that will be going on the walk with you, as well as the other people. Suzanne gave us a great talk about llamas and their care, and how to treat them while we were out. We were then matched to the llamas, who all have very different personalities. We were given Ike the drama llama, which we couldn’t figure out if this was a good thing or not as I’m so used to drama teenagers at work!

imageIke is fabulous, and he knows it! He has been the cover llama for the British Llama Society’s calendar this year, and likes to be the centre of attention and be fussed over a lot! Despite this, he was very well behaved apart from when the wind messed up his hair and made him jump, and when he walked into brambles and took half the bush with him as he has such lovely long hair. He definitely lived up to being a drama llama in those moments!

imageWe had a really nice walk around the fields in the beautiful countryside, enjoying Ike and the other llama’s company and learning more about them and their personalities. I know it sounds daft, but it really was very enjoyable to spend the morning out in the fresh air with such lovely animals!

When we returned, we were treated to a hot drink and a very decadent cake as the llama’s were taken back to their field. They also have a shop on site selling llama and alpaca wool products, and their own calendar which we had to get as a reminder of our trip! In total, it cost us £50 for two and a half hours with one llama between us, but I think their prices have just gone up slightly for the first time in years. However, it is still worth every penny! I absolutely loved it and would recommend it to everyone- just remember to bring some wellies!


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