The Deep, Hull

Having grown up near Hull, I’ve been to The Deep several times, and took the chance to re-visit for work a few weeks ago as part of a school trip! It’s a huge aquarium on the outskirts of Hull that is definitely worth a visit despite the town’s bad name (even with 80+ eleven year olds!)

imageIt obviously has a huge range of fish on show, both in small tanks around the exhibits but also in the huge central tank that goes right the way down through the centre of the building and can be seen from various viewpoints around the aquarium. It also has a lift that takes you from the end of the exhibits back up to the main lobby and café that goes through this tank, which is pretty spectacular! Throughout, there are information points and children’s activity spots to keep everyone interested, and you can find out as much as you want or just watch the fish swim happily by.

imageMy personal favourites are the tropical coral reef fish as they are just so colourful and attractive, although the sting ray tank is also fab as it often looks like they are smiling at you as they stick their noses out of the water. They also do several feeding sessions and talks in this area which are worth attending if you can time it right.

imageThe new penguin exhibit has to be the highlight though, with six or seven Gentoo penguins clumsily hopping around the rocks and swimming gracefully past the underwater viewing screen. Although their enclosure does seem a little small, I could have spent hours watching them, and their cuddly toy counterparts in the gift shop were just as popular with the pupils!

imageHopefully from the pictures you can get an idea of how beautiful the exhibits are, and the Deep does do a lot of conservation work as well as loads of events so it’s worth going back every now and again. When you pay, you also get a year pass included so you just need to bring a passport sized photo next time to get free entry for the next twelve months! It’s one of our go-to places when visiting the parents who still live in the area, and it never fails to disappoint.


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