Fodder, Harrogate

After hearing so many good reviews about Fodder from friends and online, we decided to grab a late breakfast there and see what was on offer, as it is only 5 minutes down the road from us, and conveniently next to Sainsbury’s where we were heading anyway!

Fodder is not just a farm shop/deli but also has a small café on site, and all profits go to the Yorkshire Agricultural Society which suggests that they really care about the produce they have for sale. We did have to wait a few minutes for a table, which goes to show how popular they are but it did give us time to be sorely tempted by the homemade cakes they have on offer, for which we will definitely be back in the future!

I went for a simple sausage sandwich and the boyfriend opted for porridge with honey. My sausages were clearly properly made full of meat and very tasty, on thick white bread. Although I asked for tomato sauce, I actually did not even need it as it tasted so good with just the sausages and melted butter. The porridge looked okay and had plenty of honey. Unfortunately they don’t have a huge range for vegetarians and although I’m sure they would alter some dishes to cater for this, he didn’t want to cause a fuss on a busy Saturday morning and so was a little disappointed. The cappuccino and pot of tea were generously sized which is always good in a morning!

Overall, it is a little expensive but when you know the profits are going to a good cause and the produce tastes good, you don’t mind so much. We will definitely be returning for coffee and warm toffee apple crumble cake next time we get peckish, and for a good look around the deli shop section to find some little treats for Christmas!


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