Travelege Journal Review

I have just got my new Travelege journal in the post, and am very excited so I thought I would share my initial thoughts with everyone, and my reasons behind splashing out a bit more rather than a simple WHSmiths travel notebook.

Travel journal iconic photo - travel world map and travel gift for travelersFirstly, I’ve wanted some kind of travel journal and planner for a while since my brother got one when he visited Rome (also VERY jealous about this and started planning my own trip!). However, despite browsing several shops and amazon offers, I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, and there’s no point spending money on something that isn’t right- especially if you’re from Yorkshire and have this kind of mentality built in from birth! Travelege offered it all- planner pages for hotel and flight reservations, maps, useful websites, packing lists,little things like which type of plug you’d need and basic translations and of course lots of lovely blank pages to write down my tales of adventure, with the added bonus of photo corner stickers to get everything in one place.

So, from what I can tell so far without actually using it yet, here’s a quick pros and cons:

Pros: it has delivered all that it promised and looks incredibly easy to use- I’ve already got the pens and highlighters out to start planning future trips and keep having moments of “Oh! I never thought of that, can we go there too?” I am the type of person who loves planning and being organised in little notebooks, so this is heaven to me. Honestly, pretty much everything I can think of wanting is here plus more- emergency phone numbers for most countries, useful tips, suggested places to visit, dates of festivals, a 6 month itinerary calendar, contact pages for people you meet and plenty of space for writing. It took just over a week to arrive, which is pretty good considering it came from Hong Kong.

Cons: Okay, so a little more expensive than other travel journals- about £20 but it is only sold online in US dollars, so it probably depends on the exchange rate at the time. Postage is about £3 but it is from Hong Kong so fair enough. The only other thing I wish was different was the cover- it’s a nice leather material, but is just plain black and so quite boring compared to other similar products out there but I guess you are paying for the contents not the look. But still, I wish it was prettier!

Overall, I’d give it a 9/10 at the moment, but the real test will be in the travelling!


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