My Summer10 Review

IMG_9562 (1)Autumn is definitely here. The rain has started, I’m wearing jumpers and I’m back to work (boo hiss). I feel that this idea of summer 10 has been great as it’s given me a bit of motivation to get stuff done and experience things, even though I haven’t completed them all, or only done a small amount of others. It was all about something to aim for, and I plan to finish a few of them off in the next few weeks, so they still count, right? I am tempted to do the same this term, and set myself some kind of challenge to keep me going and not constantly thinking about work! Anyway, here’s my review of how this summer’s resolutions went:

  1. Go camping- technically I did this during my DofE, but this isn’t what I really meant. I had wanted to go with the boyfriend and camp somewhere near Whitby, or in the Lakes and this just never happened as he got busy with work. And now it’s September, it just isn’t really the weather to show him the joys of camping, so this one will have to wait until spring unfortunately.
  2. Draw something- I had one go. It was fairly hopeless and I gave up, which I know isn’t the attitude to take! Oh well, this is going to be another one to try later I guess.
  3. Have friends round for dinner- Again, another failure. Well, more like a near miss- we had my parents round a few times for dinner, I went to a friends for dinner, I’ve been out for dinner with friends and we’ve cooked some really good meals just for ourselves, but not quite achieved this one. Saying this, I am inviting a few work friends round for a drink and maybe food next weekend, so we will get there eventually.
  4. Complete my Gold DofE Award- DONE! COMPLETED! FINISHED! I have finally achieved this and am feeling more than a little proud! It’s being sent off this week and then I’ll be off skipping to the Palace to pick up my award and hopefully meet the Duke!
  5. Learn basic Spanish– Also achieved, but it is very very basic ‘un vino blanco por favor’, just about read a menu and ask for my towel to be changed. I also learnt a few more unexpected ones being on an archaeology dig- ‘una pala’ is a spade for example. We did try to compile a digging dictionary but I don’t have a copy of it unfortunately. It is a pretty language and so I might keep working on this one slowly, as there is lots more of Spain I want to visit!
  6. Read a book every week– Just about managed 6 books in 6 weeks, although have been a little slow reviewing them. It has been lovely to sit and relax, but now I’m back at work I’ve hardly touched my new one which is really disappointing. I’m going to make an effort to keep reading instead of worrying about work on an evening, but I doubt it will stay at one a week!
  7. Go to the seaside- This was a lovely day out at the beginning of the holidays. The parents and I took a trip to Bridlington and enjoyed a stroll in the sand, paddling in the sea and a huge ice cream to top it all off. I absolutely lovd it! However, no sandcastles or penny arcades- I was told I was too old to relive my childhood! Humphhf.
  8. Sort out the garden– Not even touched it. It’s turned into a full on jungle but we just ended up busy and forgot about it. However, the boyfriend has promised to attack it in the coming weeks, and apparently autumn is the best time to cut things back anyway, which is totally the reason why it wasn’t done over summer….
  9. Get fit and healthy– This one is obviously a hard one to judge. I have lost weight, despite piling on the pounds in Spain- boy, do they know how to enjoy food! I’m the lightest I have been since I’ve started keeping track, and probably since leaving university so I am very happy. Mostly it’s been keeping an eye on how much I’m eating, packing in the fruit and veg and long walks. I haven’t been swimming or cycling since getting back from Spain 3 weeks ago, but plan to start swimming again at least tomorrow. Cycling will depend on the weather!
  10. Revamp my lessons- Yes and no. Some have been totally re-thought, some tweaked and some are still waiting. I’ve borrowed a whole load of good ideas from other blogs and the internet (Mrs Humanities especially, so a huge thank you!) and plan to get these into lessons over the next few weeks and see how they go. Teaching is a never ending process of learning and changing things, but I feel somewhat more prepared this year.

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