York Minster


York Minster is beautiful, and the second most important church in England. Every time I walk past, it amazes me how it was built with no modern machinery- how can it be that elegant, that huge, that impressive when it was built by sheer man power and medieval equipment? Unfortunately, being so old has its drawbacks, and there is always some section that is covered in scaffolding for repairs and renovation. At the moment, it is the East Wing where the most impressive stained glass window is, which is a shame as you can’t see any of it, although I do understand why it is necessary.

imageWhen I visited, the whole building was filled with lovely organ music, but unfortunately also with tour groups who have a habit of clumping together and getting in your way. You can walk around the whole building pretty much, and there is a lot to see, but mainly it is for the atmosphere of peace and calm (despite the crowds!) It is full stunning architecture and as always, of the tombs of important people from York’s history.

imageIt’s a very pleasant way to spend a bit of time away from the bustle of the streets, and there’s no other way to describe it apart from just beautiful and impressive. I apologise for the short post, but I think you have to experience it a bit for yourself to get the full impression as the photos don’t do it justice. If you’re ever in York, definitely take a quick trip here.


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