Medici Restaurant, North Ferriby

I have never been to this restaurant before, which I now realise was a great shame as it was brilliant, both in terms of food, quick service and atmosphere. We went as a group for a friend’s birthday and it really was a perfect fit. The layout of the restaurant was refreshingly spaced out, meaning you didn’t feel cramped in and forced to listen to other people’s conversations.

The food was very, very good and happily since it was mid-week, nearly everything was on the 2-4-1 offer! I had the King Green Tiger Prawns in filo pastry, with a chili mayonnaise dip. There were only 4 and I could have eaten a whole bucket full, but on reflection after the main this was just the right amount for a starter. The mains were huge but so tasty- I had the pasta messicana which was a spicy tomato sauce with peppers and strips of fillet steak. There was happily a decent amount of steak and just the right amount of spice, so I was very happy. A few people then went onto desserts -I was way too full, but they did look amazing- particularly the tarta with orange Chantilly cream and chocolate (can’t remember the name, sorry)

I would definitely recommend this place as it had everything, even down to the bar staff making up cocktails for you on request with your choice of ingredients. A brilliant evening was had by all, so 5/5 from me!


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