Lucky Days Cafe, York

While wandering around York today, I stumbled upon Lucky Days Cafe in an effort to escape the rain and satisfy my sweet tooth. Located off the main streets in York a bit, I have never seen it before but will definitely be heading back!

imageI went for a pot of tea and their toffee and butterscotch cake while was simply divine. It was so moist and gooey and butterscotchy all without being so sweet it made you feel ill. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I had cake this good. They also seem to do lunches which I can imagine are equally tasty and I will be back to try soon! The staff were very nice considering I turned up around 20 minutes before closing, and didn’t rush me to leave even when I had finished my tea but didn’t want to go back into the rain.

This cafe also has an interesting reward scheme- get a loyalty card and every time you return you roll a dice when ordering. If you roll a 6, every item becomes just £1. I’m no mathematician so have no idea about the odds of this ever happening (I guess it is always 1/6 no matter how many times you visit?) it still seems a good idea to me, as I would return anyway to sample more yummy cake! I would definitely recommend this place, and they have 2 cafe’s in York so there’s really no excuse!


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