Foodie Festival at Ripley Castle


I bought a ticket for this event on a whim the night before, after seeing it mentioned in Leeds Foodie’s blog. I’d never been to a food festival before and while going on my own since the boyfriend had work was a little odd, it was a good day out in the sunshine trying some amazing food and drink, and going to several of the talks and shows on. They seem to do several across the country so check out their website to see if there’s any nearer to you.

Predictably, I spent more money than expected but some things were just too good to pass up on! I bought some award winning Banana Habanero made by Mr Vikkis For my brother who is a huge foodie and spice fan. I also went for these little concentrated sauce pots by SA Sauces which don’t look amazing but sure do taste fantastic. My sweet tooth just couldn’t let me pass the salted caramel brownies by Tarte and Berry but I’m pretty sure the diet was ruined by them as they were so rich and gooey. Yummy! I also got a new water bottle for work that has an inner core where you can put in fruit or herbal tea bags etc. to infuse the water (hot or frozen into slushies) which is such a good idea and definitely has worked in making me drink more water and look for interesting flavour combinations.

imageIn terms of lunch I just couldn’t decide so chose a freshly grilled Greek lamb kebab in toasted pitta with lashings of tzatziki. At £7 it was over priced but all the lunch options were around this price so I was very happy with my choices.

image I then also went for crispy pork dumplings by the Banh Mi Booth van which were very nice, with a sweet and spicy chili dipping sauce.


I also attended several of the free shows/talks including one by the chef at the Garden Room restaurant which looked like it would taste good but was just far too poncy and pretentious for me.

imageThe real highlights were the chocolate tasting masterclass with Coeur de Xocolat and the introduction to wine tasting with the Yorkshire wine school. Both were interesting, you learnt something and there was plenty of wine and chocolate to sample!

Overall, I did spend about £45 for the ticket, lunch and the treats I picked up but this did include as many tasters from stalls as you could get, free open air music performances and entry to the talks. It did help that the Foodie Festival Facebook page gave an online discount code when buying the ticket. I did enjoy myself and spent a good 4 hours or so there, so well worth even if more expensive than I planned for, but that was always going to happen!


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