An Archaeology Adventure: Day Ten and Eleven


As usual, we spent Wednesday digging in our huge trench and trying to figure out what the heck we could actually see through the mass of stones. We have started to move some of the unimportant ones out now thankfully, but we left the big strong boys to this and had a go in the smaller side trench. Although easier to dig, I just couldn’t get my head around what was going on there in terms of any building and how deep I needed to go, so weirdly preferred the larger, harder one! I did however find a fragment of pottery which was cool, but it is a little frustrating that I never seem to find the rest of it.


The evening then saw the second of the project’s “Bar-ferences” on the iron age diet. Again being in Spanish it was difficult to understand but with the help of the photos, a little guess work and a quick overview in English afterwards meant I got the idea, even if none of the detail of how they actually know all of this from the archaeology…. something I will need to find out over the next few days….


Thursday saw a change of scene to the bronze age rock art site which was nice for a bit of a change, and really interesting as it made my brain work a lot more than when just digging. There’s a lot of the swirly circle patterns cut into the rock, as well as huge basins, little scoop outs and kind of grid patterns which was are trying to understand. Unfortunately the rain came in heavy and we ended up fleeing the site after just a few hours.

However this did mean a unexpected free afternoon which we took advantage of by taking a trip to the local talasotherapy spa which was amazing. It’s a huge pool with lots of different areas of jets and pools to relax in, plus a steam room and sauna. I haven’t felt so relaxed in ages, and it was the perfect cure for a sore diggers back. A cup of tea rounded off the experience very nicely but I did get a bit of a funny look asking for it with milk, and it was a bit annoying that it took about half an hour to get the tea and milk and a cup on the table- it was a very busy cafe but still!


We then headed to a craft market in the castle at Baiona, which was small but there were a few good bits and bobs. They also had some kind of traditional sword dance but it felt a bit shoddy and only had about 3 moves which was a shame. For dinner, we went to a micro brewery which was very cool. Even though I don’t like beer, the wine was good and the food was amazing so we all left very happy and feeling like we’d had a real treat!



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