An Archaeology Adventure: Day Eight and Nine


Monday saw a continuation of our weekend, and possibly the best weather we’ve had all week. Naturally, we headed to the beach in Baiona for some sunbathing and a swim in the sea (a frankly alien idea to someone who grew up by the North Sea in Yorkshire!) I think my legs are slightly less blindingly white, and it was great to relax properly for the afternoon.


Tuesday meant heading back up to site to continue digging. It doesn’t look like we’ve made any progress despite the hundreds of wheelbarrows of dirt we must have removed, and I was starting to feel a little fed up with it all. However, the day got much better when I found a piece of pottery, which we think is the handle of a pot, possibly a Roman amphora!! It was all very exciting and really got me back into the right mood for another week of digging.


Over dinner the local newspaper was produced and the article written a few days ago was poured over by the groyp, with a good laugh at the muddy photos and trying to translate what was said about us all…. I’m now a famous archaeologist!


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