An Archaeology Adventure: Day Six and Seven

I know this post is slightly late but it has been a busy and tiring weekend, and I just didn’t have the energy before now to write anything.

Despite being Saturday, the working week continued for us, with more of the usual digging and getting mucky. We did find a tiny piece of pottery which was good and hopefully more will turn up soon!



The afternoon saw a few of us head to a natural pool for a swim. It was a beautiful spot away from everything and was great to get away and have some fun. The water was freezing so it did take us a while to gather the courage to enter but once we did it was really refreshing and worth it. It us definitely something I will remember about this trip, the pool was just stunning.

imageSunday saw the weekend arrive and we got a well deserved lie in which was great as I’m really not a morning person! We then grabbed a picnic and a pitcher of Sangria and headed to the hills to watch the local traditional coral (curro das moscas) of the wild horses being caught and checked before being released again. It was absolute chaos and the horses were much stronger than I expected for their size.

imageThe skill it took to catch one and lead it to the disinfection stations was impressive although I did get a little upset with a few of the men who were too enthusiastic I’m hitting the horses to make them go in the right direction because they’d clearly drunk too much at lunchtime.

imageOverall, I did enjoy it but those two men left a bitter taste in my mouth. The day ended with being given a strand of horse hair to wear so show it had been a successful day, which was a nice if odd tradition.

Being our weekend, both nights ended up with a few rounds of drinks (yey for cheap Spanish prices!) and a good laugh with the team. I didn’t stay up as late as some since I value my sleep, but it has been a very enjoyable first week. Here’s to the next one!


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