An Archaeology Adventure: Day Four and Five


Okay, so the archaeology side of things hasn’t changed too much over the last few days. We’ve dug he same large trench a little bit deeper and uncovered more stones which look like a wall of an iron age round house which is pretty cool, but we will need to just keep digging away to confirm this.

However, today (day 5) has seen a lot of media attention as we had a visit from a Internet news station and a local newspaper which was certainly interesting as I was interviewed by the newspaper about why I was at the dig as a British volunteer and how I found it all. A huge part of the project is working with the community so this was really great publicity for everyone and not too embarrassing for me, despite the muddy photo they took!


I also found an artifact today!! It’s a pink granite grindstone that doesn’t look like a lot but has been smoothed on two sides and found just outside what we think are the house walls. I’m really pleased with this- it’s not the most exciting find but it’s a start, and I’m just happy I noticed it wasn’t a normal rock before chucking it on the spoil pile! Makes me feel like a real archaeologist…


Last night we headed out to a ‘sardine party’ in the next village, which involved the biggest sardines I have ever seen, and tasted amazing simply fried in oil and salt. The band was also great also and their loud drum music really made you want to dance, especially with the very cheap wine on offer. It was fantastic to see a local fiesta and everyone enjoying themselves, although I was a little tired this morning after the late night!

imageI can’t really believe it’s Friday already, the week is going so fast and I’m now getting worried the best finds will appear after I have left next weekend! I’m still enjoying myself, including the hard work and mud thanks to the people, the food and the amazing views.


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