An Archaeology Adventure: Day Two and Three

The real archaeology at A Cabecina is beginning to happen now but it is certainly a lot of hard work!


Both days have seen the team setting up the trenches and clearing the ground of vegetation and the top soil layer, which means a lot of shovelling and trying to dig out huge root systems. This has been really hard work but it does feel good to see the difference on the site, but the downside is however resembling a coal miner with the amount of dirt coming up. It’s very dusty and seems to stick particularly well to my sun cream so I tend to look absolutely ridiculous… hence there will be no photos of this new look!


There is a possibility one artifact has already been found- a rounded piece of rock that is being debated if it is a grinding stone for grains or used for sharpening tools. I guess closer looks in the next few days might help.

The afternoons are much more relaxed after more delicious lunches. If the digging wasn’t such hard work I’d be he size of a house by now!

Day 2 saw us experimenting with the photo scan software, which creates 3D images of the site or specific objects using a series of photos. It takes forever but it is really amazing when you see the result! Hopefully they will be able to get the 3D image onto their website for all to see as it makes you really see the site as a whole and how y might have all fitted together. As interesting as it was, I’m just not techy enough to have the patience for the software and much prefer the more historical and social side of the site.


Day 3 saw a visit from an anthropology expert, Christina, who gave us a workshop in using anthropological methods in archaeology, something which I never considered before. One of her colleagues is on our team and is using the project as part of her PHd so it will be really interesting to see it in action. She talked us through the different stages of her research and then we had to interview each other which was a little awkward at first but really useful as it made us all properly think about our motivations for being here- mine being a secret love of TimeTeam on TV as well as needing to do a residential project for my Gold DofE, but there are such a range of experiences and backgrounds here that it makes for a very diverse and interesting team.


We then went to a ‘Bar-ference’ (an informal conference in a bar right on the coast near a windmill) about anthropology which looked interesting but was totally in Spanish so had to guess most of it from the pictures. It was great to see the local community turn up to find out more about the project and archaeology in relation to anthropology so hopefully this will be a great success in the coming weeks too.

imageIt’s been a tiring few days but full of fascinating information and techniques to take in, and hopefully the real action and finds will happen in the next few days… It’s all very exciting!


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