Filmore and Union, Harrogate

On a last minute shopping trip before going away on my adventures for three weeks, we headed to Filmore and Union for a quick lunch. I’ve always looked past it before as it sells itself as a trendy, healthy cafe which always makes me a little wary but actually the food was good, although the menu is quite small.

I had the small version of the smoked chicken risotto, with chorizo and mango salsa which was really tasty and still quite filling despite only being the small dish. To be honest, I couldn’t really taste the mango very much over the smoky flavours of the chicken but nevertheless, I enjoyed the mix of smokiness and spice from the meat, and the rice was creamy and indulgent feeling. The slim down juice (pineapple, lemon, orange, apple and strawberries) I had with it was brilliant and fresh too- most of the other juices had veg in them like celery and broccoli which I find a little odd as I like my juice to be sweet, but each to their own.

We then decided to indulge in dessert, a slice of beetroot and chocolate cake. It did feel rich without feeling bad for me, and the sweetness of the beetroot really did work well with the chocolate and nut topping. However, I have to admit the boyfriend’s banana and blueberry muffin was the winner- incredibly moist and full of fruit and yummy-ness. Yes, that is a word.

Overall we had a really nice lunch treat out, but it is a bit pricey. The risotto, a bagel, two juices, two cakes and a coffee came to about £30. Not hugely expensive but more than we would usually pay for a quick lunch. Saying that, it was very nice but not sure it will become a regular when we’re still on a budget.


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