Brimham Rocks

I’ve been meaning to visit Brimham Rocks for a while now, and after moping around the house saying how bored I was, we decided to head out and get some fresh air. As National Trust members we got free parking, and the area is free to enter anyway so it was all good from the beginning. Brimham Rocks is in an area of moorland in the Yorkshire Dales and is basically huge rock formations that you can explore.

The boyfriend was a little skeptical as we headed towards the first rocks you see from the car park, saying “I can’t believe we drove out here just to see a rock covered with children” but after a quick picnic we headed deeper in and he soon changed his mind. This was in part helped by the surprisingly good coffee from the kiosk but also from the stunning views across the Dales. Once you get up onto the rocks, they get even better (however you need to watch for overhangs “jumping out at your head” apparently).

You are pretty much free to climb on any rock you can, and explore as much as you can. There are the main rocks near the shop and picnic area that apparently look like animals but if you head a little further away there are much quieter ones too. They also seemed to be running proper rock climbing sessions with helmets and harnesses for the harder ones, but we were quite happy scrambling on our own.

It was a really nice way to spend the afternoon in the sunshine, although it did get a little windy and chilly when high up. There’s nothing fancy about it- it is just some rocks in a nice area but if you are willing to embrace the inner child/monkey a little, it is very good.


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