Cream Tea at Patisserie Valerie

A trip to York is really not complete without some form of afternoon tea, and a long awaited reunion with university friends provided the perfect excuse. After doing all of the typical touristy things as one friend had never been to York, we passed the window of Patisserie Valerie…. and as you can see from the picture, it was impossible to resist the lure of the cakes and pastries!

ImageWe were seated immediately by a very friendly Italian waiter who was the most hilarious and admittedly effective salesman, persuading us into offers we hadn’t even considered. Myself and another friend opted for tea and cream scones which turned out at a very reasonable £4 each, while our other two friends succumbed to the cake- one chocolate gateau and one lemon cheesecake, washed down with a bucket of coffee. I just about managed to finish my scone which was still slightly warm, full of fruit and just the right amount of crumble and ended up being topped with unhealthy amounts of clotted cream and strawberry jam. The cheesecake however defeated Helen, but the nice waiter was more than happy to put it in a little box for her to take home, as well as another chocolate gateau for Nicole’s boyfriend, so thumbs up for service and generous portion sizes!

Despite being a chain, Patisserie Valerie doesn’t really feel like one, and their scones certainly tasted homemade. I would definitely recommend visiting as it provides very good cake and service, and has the bonus of not having to wait in line for and being cheaper than Bettys.


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