York’s Chocolate Story

One of the newer attractions in York which is proving hugely popular is the Chocolate museum, which I finally got around to visiting last week with my mum and brother. It was a bit expensive to get in at a tenner each but would be cheaper if booked online apparently and the tours only run every hour and can fill up quite fast so booking in advance would be the best option for next time.

York has a great history of chocolate and sweet making and the musuem guide takes you through the cities famous faces- Terrys, Rowntree etc and how they became so famous. It also takes you back through history to the ancient origins of chocolate and the Aztecs. Throughout the tour there are samples which is brilliant although I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the Aztec chili chocolate drink as it was a bit too watery. Our guide Dougie was fab and some of the photo exhibits are designed to interact with the guide to make it more interesting if not a little scripted.

The tour ends with an explanation of how chocolate is made nowadays and a tasting session where you are taught how to taste chocolate properly. You can then wander around a museum bit before making your own chocolate lollipop and watching a demonstration of making the more fancy chocolates.

There is also a shop that sells everything imaginable to do with chocolate, even a chocolate teapot! I got a tasting set with some interesting flavours but salted caramel is still my favourite. A little expensive but very nice quality and worth it for a little treat!

Overall, a fab little museum- very informative and interesting and most of all its a CHOCOLATE museum!! What else do I need to say?


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