Le Bistrot Pierre, Harrogate (Updated)

Perhaps my favourite French restaurant outside of France, Le Bistrot Pierre is a usually our first thought when it comes to celebrations. I’ve updated this and mixed two reviews into one blog- my dad’s 50th birthday and a special La Bastille Day meal to celebrate the
boyfriend’s new job.

On the 19th June, my family came over to Harrogate to celebrate my dad’s 50th birthday. I had the mini chorizos au miel, followed by the pate de campagne for starters, which was amazing and very tasty- I know it’s a chain but it really did taste homemade. The family all went for steak frites which I was assured was very good, but I opted for the main course of Porc au Calvados for something a bit different, and was not disappointed! It was cooked to tender perfection and the dauphinoise potatoes were wonderful but very filling, as can be expected.

As much as I love a good desert, the Plateau de fromages proved irresistible- the Brie de Nangis, Sainte Maure goat’s cheese and Tomme de Savoie were delicious and a perfect end to the meal.

However, this very tasty meal was beaten by the one we had for Bastille Day and to celebrate the boyfriend’s new job (a very nice coincidence!) We decided to sit outside as the sun was coming out from behind the clouds, and enjoyed a Pimms while deciding what to eat.

Unfortunately, being a French restaurant, they don’t do a lot of choice for the vegetarian boyfriend, but this doesn’t really matter as what they do offer is so good! We both had the tarte a l’oignon for starters which was honestly outstanding- not too strong of an onion flavour, very creamy Roquefort cheese and a lovely caramalised onion chutney on the side. I then went for possibly my favourite French dish, Confit de Canard which was juicy and tender and oh so yummy in a blackberry jus which worked brilliantly with the richness of the duck.

wpid-20150714_214044.jpgThey also do a stamp reward scheme, so if you collect enough lunch/ early bird/ a la carte meals then you get one free. Also, by booking online you are signed up as a member and receive the occasional offer- we’ve now had two free carafes of wine thanks to this.

Basically, this restaurant is one of the best- the food is amazing, the staff are always very friendly and the service quick. There really is nothing else to ask for!


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