The Minions Movie

I loved the Despicable Me films, and a large part of it was down to the minions, so I have been waiting for excitedly for the release of their own film for a while now (

It follows the story of Kevin, Bob and Stuart who leave the minion tribe to find the biggest, baddest villain of all time to serve. They have had several failed attempts throughout history- a T-Rex, a caveman, a Pharaoh, Dracula, knights, Napoleon etc. They arrive in New York and quickly hear about VillainCon, and the number one villain in the world- Scarlet Overkill. Despite their cute ineptitude, they manage to get hired by Scarlet to steal the British Crown Jewels. During the mission, Bob somehow becomes crowned King of England, causing Scarlet to hate the minions and try to destroy them. The film does have a happy ending, Scarlet fails and the minions meet an even more evil boss- a young Gru! And they all live happily ever after….

It was really good with a lot of laugh out loud moments, and certainly cheered me up after a tough weekend. That being said, I think the minions are better as a side character in the main Despicable Me films- the plot felt a little weak at times for a full length film. I would still recommend it because the minions are just brilliant, and you should definitely take some minions haribo with you to get you in the mood for the silliness.


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