Honeysuckle Farm, Hornsea

After waking up a little sore headed from a girly night out on Sunday, the boyfriend and I took a trip to a childhood favorite of mine, Honeysuckle Farm in Hornsea.

Although completely aimed at kids, it was lovely to walk around in the sunshine and see the animals. The boyfriend got over excited and bought a huge bucket of food for them, so I think we fed every sheep and goat they had, but you have to indulge the London boy! They had a good range of animals (cows, sheep, goats, horses, pigs, ducks, geese, and even a chipmunk) and the play parks and hale bale maze looked as fun as I remembered them from being a child. We didn’t do the cart horse ride because the boyfriend is allergic to horses- they were fab as a kid, but I have a feeling it’d be less impressive as a grown up…. but still would’ve been worth doing.

The toffee honeycomb ice cream at the little cafe was amazing and made from the milk of their own cows which was quite nice. The boyfriend had the very odd combination of mint choc chip and strawberry, but he seemed happy with his ice cream too. You can even get it in a huge insulated tub to take home with you.

Overall, a really nice afternoon out before heading back home and back to work for INSET days at school- just when you think you’ve finished they make you come in for more training!


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