Elite Meat Butchers, Starbeck

Elite Meat is our local butchers in Starbeck and is honestly amazing, so is worth a mention here. They have the usual butchers meat selection that uses local farmers and always has a good selection- they do very VERY nice ready made stir fry packs and are more than happy to suggest recipes and the best way to cook something,which is fab for when the boyfriend has his turn to cook for guests and has no idea what to do with meat. The staff are all friendly and helpful, and we always have a good natter when we go in.

Their deli section is by far my favourite though. They have an national award winning pork liver pate, which is so incredibly tasty and clearly deserves the award! They also have lots of sweet treats and pastries, as well as some fab flapjack flavours- from peanut butter (the boyfriend’s favourite) to lemon curd (mine) which are a real treat for a picnic. That’s not to list all of the pies, sausage rolls, cold meats, breads and cheeses they have on offer. It will take you a while to decide between all of this good food, but whatever you choose will be worth it!

I know this is only a short review, but there is not a lot to say about it other than it’s amazing, and you should certainly pay a visit if you are in the area!


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