Cafe Rouge, Harrogate

One of our go-to places for a meal out when we are feeling too lazy to cook but not wanting to spend a fortune is Café Rouge. Although its a chain restaurant, it does good quality food and has friendly service- last time we went we were served by a lovely Australian waiter with a fab sense of humour.

I had two petit plats as I couldn’t decide on what I wanted- the crevettes roses and camembert au four were lovely, but not quite as good as the confit of canard I have had there before. It is just to tender, the jus matches it perfectly and the dauphinoise potatoes make it feel truly indulgent. The boyfriend just had a baguette and chips, as being a French restaurant the few vegetarian options are not particularly inspiring. The menu does change frequently, which is why I didn’t have the duck again, which is good as it keeps the food fresh and seasonal, but a bit annoying if you find a favourite that disappears!

Café Rouge also has a good voucher system so we got a free desert with our next main meal and a buy one get one free breakfast just for filling in a two minute survey. If you’re looking for slightly fancier french food, I personally do prefer Le Bistrot Pierre, but Cafe Rouge is still a good place to visit for a quick dinner that is reasonably priced and tastes good.


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