Sleepers Bar, Beverley

It’s finally the end of a very long year, and we made sure the summer holidays began well! Two barbecues with my lovely colleagues was a great way to celebrate finishing, but the real highlights were meals out with family and friends to celebrate birthdays- June is always busy for me!

Saturday night I headed to Beverley for a friend’s birthday. We headed to Sleepers Bar for dinner- I had never been before and was pleasantly surprised at the variety on the menu and the food itself. I had the Chicken Zada, lime and chilli marinated chicken with very chunky chips and sour cream. I admit it’s not the most adventurous choice but it was really good, and the service was very quick and friendly. I wasn’t too keen on the amount of salad though- felt like a little too much to be a side salad, but not enough or not interesting enough to be a proper one. At least I could claim I was being healthy, right…?

Friends had a mixture of meals from tuna steak with tomato, olive and caper tapenade, salmon and prawn fishcakes to mushroom and goat’s cheese strudels which looked amazing…. the two friends who had this couldn’t finish it but looked very happy with themselves! I was having major food envy at every dish that came out, so will definitely have to go again.

We then headed to several pubs and bars around Beverley’s main square where we got pleasantly sozzled and had a fab girly night out. Just what I needed to celebrate the end of term!


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